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The Sky Is My Home

2023 Los Angeles Book Festival Winner in the Young Adult category.

2023 Los Angeles Book Festival Runner-up in the Wild Card category.  

The story of Hazel Jane Raines - the first female aviator in Georgia 

Hazel Jane Raines dramatically broke through the constraints of traditional Southern womanhood to enter the exclusively male world of wartime aviation. This is her story of patriotism, the power of positive attitudes and the joys of flight. As a daredevil “barnstormer” and stunt pilot, she left audiences gasping. Then she answered the nation’s desperate need for pilots during World War II, helping turn the tide of battle in the skies, and changing women’s aviation status forever.

One of the 25 American female pilots recruited to serve as a ferry pilot with England’s Royal Air Force, this pioneer aviatrix flew military aircraft in a theater of war. To fly undetected by enemy radar, she used only a compass and her steely intuition, made no radio contact and soared unarmed through the hostile skies patrolled by the German Air Force to deliver bombers and fighters.

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Pamela Bauer Mueller 2006/2008/2009 Georgia Author of the Year.  She is also recognized by the Georgia Center for the Book.

Pamela Bauer Mueller was raised in Oregon and graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She worked as a flight attendant for Pan American Airlines before moving to Mexico City where she lived for eighteen years. Pamela is bicultural as well as bilingual. She has worked as a model, actress, and an English and Spanish language instructor during her years in Mexico. After returning to the United States, Pamela worked for twelve years as a U.S. Customs Inspector.After working six years in San Diego, California, she was selected to work a foreign assignment in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Pamela took an early retirement from U.S. Customs to follow her husband Michael, who received an instructor position at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick, Georgia. They reside on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Pamela completed The Kiska Trilogy, Hello, Goodbye, I Love You, Neptune's Honor, An Angry Drum Echoed, Aloha Crossing, Splendid Isolation, Water To My Soul, Lady Unveiled, Shadow of Hope, Fly, Fly Away and The Sky Is My Home in Georgia.



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